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As a Certified Labour Doula (CD) and a Certified Happiest Baby Educator (CHBE) I can provide the following:
I am a DONA(Doulas of North America) certified labour doula who can provide you with continuous informational, emotional and physical support throughout your pregnancy and labour.
I want to help you create a joyous and empowering birth. Please click here for more information about my doula services.

Expecting parents can learn an extraordinary approach to help babies sleep longer and how to soothe even the fussiest infant in seconds. This amazing class has been featured on Dr. Phil and is being used around the world by many parents. Please click here for more information on this amazing class.

Welcome everyone to my new blog. I currently trained to be a labour doula and am looking to expand my experience through attending more births. I want to aid pregnant women to embrace the gift surrounding birth and to help them ensure that their labour and delivery are joyous and empowering experiences that will always remain with them. I feel that each invitation I receive to be present at a birth is a great honour for me.

"If a Doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it. "~ John H. Kennell, MD

Happiest Baby on the Block Class

New babies are such a blessing, but they can also bring with them sleepless nights, and sometimes quite a bit of stress.

Learn an extraordinary approach to keeping your baby happy. You will learn step by step how to help your baby sleep better and how to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes...even seconds!

Magic? A miracle? No, It's a reflex! The class is based on the highly effective, new approach to babies pioneered by Dr. Harvey Karp in his best-selling book and DVD, "The Happiest Baby on the Block."

Parents will learn:
►Why the idea that colic is due to gas pains is mostly an old wives tale.
►Why keeping the house quiet may actually be upsetting to many newborns.
►Why most babies get more upset in the evening.
►Why it's impossible to spoil young babies.
►An easy way to help infants sleep a few hours more at night.
►Why fathers are often the best baby calmers in the family.

Happiest Baby Class- Instruction includes The Missing 4th Trimester, The Calming Reflex, The 5 S's, and The Cuddle Cure. This class is ideal for couples in their last trimester of pregnancy, shortly after the birth of your baby or if you are adopting a new baby.

We will be offering this class each month in various locations across the city. Cost of course is $65.00 per couple. The class cost also includes a Parent Kit which has The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and Soothing Sounds CD ($40 value). It is recommended that you view the DVD several times so that you can master the 5 S's.

My next Happiest Baby on the Block group class will be held at the Wellness Institute at 1075 Leila Avenue on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 from 7-9pm. Please click here to register. The cost is $65.00 per couple and includes your own copy of the Happiest Baby on the Block on DVD and Soothing Sounds CD ($40.00 value).

Please email us at or call 453-7871 if you have any questions or if you would like to register for the next class.

To learn more about your Certified Happiest Baby Educators:

Céline Land, certified labour doula (DONA), CHBE

Angela Maes, certified labour doula (CAPPA), CHBE


"Céline was AWESOME!! She was so atune to what I needed, I would recommend her to my friends and family " ~S.H.

"Thank you for always being there during my pregnancy" ~S.T.

"Having Céline before, during and after delivery was invaluable. I am thankful for her presence ar the birth of my baby and would recommend her to anyone" ~A.P.

Contact Me

Please email or call me if you have any questions about my services as a doula or about Happiest Baby on the Block courses.

Céline Land, CD(DONA), CHBE
453-7871 (home number, please leave a message if I am not home and I will return your call within the day)

My Services

As your doula I include the following many more! .

►free no obligation introduction meeting where I can answer any questions you might have about my services, experience etc.

►2-3 prenatal visits - to get to know each other better, create a birth plan, discuss desires for births, talk about comfort measures, relaxation techniques, etc

►access to my Lending Library

►binder filled with various information, local resources, tips, etc which is loaned out to you on our first prenatal visit and returned to me on our second pospartum visit

►Continuous support during labour - emotional support and physical comfort measures, I will meet with you when you are in labour and stay until 1 to 2 hours after the delivery to ensure you are settled in with your new family

►1-2 postpartum visits - answer any questions you may have about your new family, help with breastfeeding etc.

►unlimited email and telephone support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

►I will remain on-call 24/7 for your labour and birth starting 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date and stay on call until your baby's birth day

►I always supply a back-up doula for all clients and will offer you the opportunity to meet her if you choose

◄As your Doula I DO NOT do the following:

◄Make decisions for you. I will help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

◄Do not perform clinical tasks such as blood pressure readings, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams and others.

◄I will never provide medical advice. Your doctor/midwife is responsible for the health of both mother and baby

►take over for the partner. I am there to help incorporate them into the birth process, offer them support and give them the opportunity for breaks during labour

What are the Benefits of Having a Doula?

26% less likely to give birth by cesarean section
41% less likely to give birth with a vacuum extractor or forceps
28% less likely to use any analgesia or anesthesia
33% less likely to be dissatisfied or negatively rate your birth experience

The Cochrane Collaboration confirmed in a 2007 study of 13, 391 women the following: "Women who had continuous intrapartum support were likely to have a slightly shorter labour, were more likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth and less likely to have analgesia or to report dissatisfaction with their childbirth experiences." It was the authors' conclusion that all women should have continuous support throughout labour and birth.

What is a Doula?

Since the beginning of time, women have assisted each other during the arduous process of labour and birth. Labour support is the time-honoured tradition of loving and nurturing assistance for the labouring woman by a woman that is experienced in birth.

Doulas are a part of the birth team and do not replace or diminish the role of the woman's Birth Partner.

Doulas work in hospitals, birthing centers, and at home births. Your doctor or midwife will be responsible for the medical aspects of your birth. The Doula is the mother's advocate and is focused on the mother's expected birth experience. A Doula will support your desires regardless of whether or not you are planning for an epidural, unmedicated or a Cesarean birth.

A Doula will remain by your side through your entire labour, providing continuous support that is rarely achieved otherwise. Some of the services provided during labour are motivational support, massages, various comfort measures and suggestions for labouring positions plus many more.

Lending Library

Information Binder (available to all clients on our second prenatal visit and returned on the first postpartum visit)
Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and White Noise CD
Happiest Baby on the Block Book by Harvey Karp
Hypnobirthing by Marie Mongan
The Birth House by Ami McKay
The Birth Partner, 3rd edition by Penny Simkin
The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth by Sheila Kitzinger

My Doula Calendar

I am currently accepting clients who have due dates in 2009. I only accept 2 clients per month to ensure I am available to provide you with the continuous support you deserve.

October 2008-not taking anymore clients
November 2008-not taking anymore clients
Decemeber 2008-not taking anymore clients
January 2009-1 spot available
February 2009-1 spot available
March 2009-2 spots available
April 2009-2 spots available
May 2009-2 spots available
June 2009-2 spots available
July 2009-2 spots available
August 2009-2 spots available
September 2009-2 spots available
October 2009-2 spots available
November 2009-2 spots available
December 2009-2 spots available


Baby Arielle, born September 01, 2008:

Baby Azaria, born August 02, 2008:

Baby Sebastian Rudd, born September 22, 2008: